Recycling Services

As a company, we understand the great importance of caring for our environment. It is for this reason, JJ’s Waste & Recycling offers a variety of recycling options, tailored to ensure that all of our customer’s needs are met.  As a waste and recycling company, we provide the following recycling service options. These include;

Cardboard Collection

To ensure that all of your cardboard collection needs are met, we offer the following services:

  • Wheelie Bins
  • Industrial bins
  • Compaction units

RF1 Compaction Units

We understand that every one of our clients has unique needs and may have different volumes of cardboard. As a company, we will assist you in determining which is the right system for your cardboard collection. Our team of highly trained experts we will help you develop a system which will be geared at ensuring that all of your recycling needs are met.

Commercial & Industrial Recycling

As a business owner, your resources are one of the biggest and valuable assets to your company or business. As a waste and recycling company, we can assist your organisation in the integration of source segregation schemes into your workplace. Developing and incorporating separation initiatives will help your business to save and divert waste from landfill. JJ’s Waste & Recycling also offer beneficial resuse options for scrap steel, timber, concrete and oil filters.

Commingled Recycling

As a waste management company, we do offer commingled recycling services to all our clients. Using our standard 240 litre wheelie bin services, we have the capability to meet your recycling needs. At JJ’s Waste & Recycling, we can help you recycle the following materials:

  • Newspaper, magazines, light cardboard, office paper (no confidential information)
  • Milk and juice cartons
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Plastic bottles and containers (1-6)*
  • Aluminium and color steel cans

In addition to the above recyclable materials, we do also offer confidential waste/document destruction bins & oil filter recycling bins. For more information regarding our recycling  services, contact our experience team of waste management professionals.

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