Compactor Services

For business that produce large volumes of waste, JJ’s Waste & Recycling have a range of compactor options to assist with the collection and removal of waste from site. Our compactor range includes: RF Compactor Units

  • Unipak Compactor Units
  • Fridgepak Compactor Units

RF Compactors

The RF Compactors are tailored made for businesses and come in a variety of sizes depending on the volume of compactable refuse produced. For more information concerning the different range of sizes available please contact our team of waste management professionals.

Unipak Compactors

If you are a business owner and you require high hygienic storage standards, then JJ’s Waste & Recycling all-in-one Unipak will deliver. Our Unipaks are specifically designed to ensure that all liquid waste content is well managed. We have a variety of Unipak compactors, to make sure that all of your needs are met. However, before dispersing our Unipak compactors, an in depth assessment of your business/company will be conducted by one of our highly qualified experts.

Unipak and RF Compactors Features

Apart from the standard features, at J.J’ s Waste & Recycling, we offer unique features geared at ensuring that all of your needs are met. These include;

  • All units of our compactors are manufactured by our team of highly trained and experienced engineers to meet the relevant Australian Standards
  • At JJ’s Waste & Recycling, we believe that safety should come first. To this end, our compactor units are manufactured to take into account all the necessary safety requirements. In addition, our experienced operators provided detailed training to our customers
  • We can also provide ozone fluorescent lights to both our RF compactors and our Unipack compactors. Ozone Fluorescent Lights helps to minimize odors.
  • The unit can be painted in our standard colours or painted/sign written to your specifications and corporate colour scheme.

Unipak Compactors – Refrigerated (Fridgepak)

For all of our clients who produce a high volume of food waste, our Refrigerated Unipak compaction unit was specifically designed for you. Our Refrigerated Unipak ensures all the liquid run-off from food compaction is safely stored.

Our Refrigerated Compactors come with a 50mm insulated double skinned interior. The interior temperature can be adjusted to -300 C. Low temperatures ensure that there is no odor-causing bacteria and vermin are killed. Also, to help reduce any odor, we can fit ozone fluorescent inthe hopper.

Our Refrigerated Compactors come in different sizes. For more information concerning the available sizes, contact us to arrange a site visit with our expert team.

For more information regarding our Compactor Services, please call 1300 971 325.


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